Why Use T&T?

We aim for the highest quality in both editing and typesetting, whether we are dealing with a single article in a journal or a 500 page book. We also aim to make the whole production process as seamless and as painless as possible for both the author and the publisher. One of our strengths is that we are a one-stop shop: we endeavour to minimize the number of suppliers the publisher has to deal with, for example by handling all the figure work and project management in-house, and by liaising with authors directly we further reduce the publisher’s workload and speed up the production cycle.

We accept source material in a wide range of formats (TeX, LaTeX, Word documents, hard-copy, etc.) and convert (or originate) it into a high-quality, standardized LaTeX form. Output is predominantly in Computer Modern, Times, Lucida Bright or Palatino, although for normal text (i.e. content that is not mathematics heavy) we can access any of the thousands of Type 1 fonts currently available. In addition to these technical skills, we are very good at building a personal rapport with our authors, many of whom include us in their published acknowledgements (see the Testimonials page).

In addition to our core copy-editing, typesetting, figure work and project-management skills, we have computer-programming skills available in-house. A suite of proprietary software is used throughout the entire life-cycle of a proof, which ensures consistency from one project to the next. We also offer several web publishing solutions, with a range of value-added features and functionality such as insertion of external bibliographical links in electronic output and full-text HTML/SGML.